We got the kids all dressed up to go see Santa today! We went today hoping the snow would have kept people away from the mall... silly us. It was packed and we waited for a good spell. But Avery was awesome and just danced and sang and kept herself- and some other line waiters- thoroughly entertained. It helped that she was wearing clicky shoes and a dress that twirls up when she spins!

We were so proud because she actually talked to Santa this year!!! She went right up to him, sat next to him, and chatted away! Last year she stood near Santa, but wouldn't talk to him! Ah, progress! Here's Avery waiting in line. She really, really, really wanted to wear this dress for her Christmas program. A little too formal for school! I finally convinced her that we didn't have the right tights for the dress, so it couldn't be worn. Phew. (never fear...we got the 'right' tights)
Here's Oliver waiting in line. He's such a good boy! He was smilin' at daddy here... Some more of the Christmas kids...Here they are after seeing Santa gettin' a little sister/brother time!
We made it home- very slowly through the snow- and Oliver was hungry. Jeff asked to feed him (and not get Avery ready for bed!) so he could be still and watch the Colts on the computer. After a couple of minutes, our mini Colts fan started to notice something great was happening and this was the result....
Hooray! It's Christmas and Oliver's pumped! It's been a while, so here's a photo update of the last couple of weeks... Oliver doing what he does best... laying on the ottoman and 'talking' to mom and dad! We have a lot of pictures of him with this floral ottoman behind him. Maybe I should start putting blankets down to mix it up? He doesn't roll over yet, so he hangs out here a lot. He can watch Avery sprinting by, see the tree, and see us in the chairs- its his favorite!
After a fantastic Thanksgiving, Jeff and I continued in the Smith Family Christmas tree acquisition. Some people like to go to the forest, some people to a lot... we go to Lowe's. Every year! So, we had a neighbor babysit and made the trek to the local Lowe's for our tree. This was the first year we let Avery help! I know, not very nice of us... but I love decorating the tree and never wanted to battle with a little monkey over the placement of each ornament (can anyone say control freak??). So... this was the year she got to join us! She did awesome and had a ton of fun!
She's a bit excited!!
Oliver got to "help". Typical 2nd kid... all the rules are bent for him! :) He was really enthused!

Then we had some friends over for the 1st Annual PJ Christmas Party! We had some grub, watched kids play, decorated cookies, and tried to watch a Christmas movie. Hopefully this was the beginning of a new tradition! Here's our buddies...
Decorating cookies...
And lovin' on Oliver! And finally, Avery's class had their little Christmas Program today. She was sooo excited when she walked in the room and saw us sitting in the front row! She couldn't wait to sing for us and the rest of the parents... we may have a little performer on our hands!
After songs, the kids got to decorate cookies. Avery did that for a bit, but eventually decided to skip the middle-man and just started eating candy straight off of the decoration plate! Sneaky little thing!
Here's a little clip of Avery singing her heart out!

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