This post is going to be quite random and filled with pictures I may not normally consider blog-worthy. But, I can't really be bothered right now to figure out which pictures I like ('cause they're really small in picasa, which makes it hard to tell which one is which- then you have to flip back and forth from the library to editing... too hard for me tonight). So, you get to see a lot of random scenery/cloud pictures with some people thrown in. Whatev... you can handle it (I'm apparently feeling a little sassy tonight.).
So. Jeff and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in Beaver Creek! My parents graciously watched the munchkins and we got to sleep in and enjoy actual conversations! It was so fun!!! Our hotel was awesome! The creek was right behind us and was really high! We went rafting (my first time) and had a great time!

Then my parents, the kids and I went up Pikes Peak on the Cog Railway. In this first one, you can see the train in the distance.
These are pics of Colorado Springs and ummm... Kansas.Ya know, the woman who wrote "America the Beautiful" wrote it after being inspired by her trip to the summit of Pikes Peak. I think she was in a covered wagon. Here's Avery with the plaquard.And since no post is complete without some cuteness from Oliver... he's been playing peek-a-boo like crazy. It's quite cute. Curtains, clothes, his hands- he'll hide at the drop of a hat!
In the catching up process, we have now made it to mid-June... when these glorious folks arrived! Dave and Jo are beloved in the eyes of the Smith children, so it was a really fun weekend!First on the agenda was a trip to Tiny Town. Phew... good times here! Mini buildings filled with McDonald's-like toys depicting various "historical" scenes and a train. Despite the hint of sarcasm, Avery really did have an awesome time! She loved the tiny-ness! She especially enjoyed the houses you could go inside of. We also went to Mt. Evans where it was ridiculously cold and snow-covered. We began the walk up with Oliver, but quickly turned around. It was waaaay too slippery. So, he and Jeff stayed back and apparently Oliver entertained the masses of tourists by licking the inside of the car window for about a half-hour! Here's Avery with the geological marker for the elevation-14,240.
On the way back down the "highest paved road in North America", we stopped at a little lake to hike. The clouds looked a little stormy so again, Oliver stayed back. While Avery was off having adventures....Oliver got to play in the trunk...Apparently, the only adventure Oliver needs is a tire gauge and a trunk and he's ridiculously happy! I got to see some cool lookin' clouds...Oliver was happy to see the crew upon their return!!! Avery and some more cool clouds. I heard later that the tundra only grows one inch per year because of the harsh conditions. Had I known that, she wouldn't have been trampling the tundra here. Oops.
Then, just to wrap things up. There was some kitchen counter air guitar!!! Like I said, beloved.