No baby news, but my first baby is defintely no longer... she wrote her first word today! What a big girl!! She was way less impressed than we were, but we had no idea she could string together letters! Jeff told her what letters to write, but still, it's a word! It was only two days ago that I even knew she could write an "A". Where do they learn this stuff??? Here's a sampling of her work...

She is CRAZY about horses (and unicorns and zebras) right now, so we figured "oat" was a nice indicator of her current stage!
Here is a benefit of "nesting"... you can actually get your house clean enough to take pictures to show your new home to all of your friends!! Sorry its taken us so long- we really just never had enough rooms clean at the same time.

So here's my first attempt at a slideshow.

Here's a video of Avery showing off her room.

Well, hopefully the next posts will involve baby news. We'll do our best to update throughout the process. I'm not feeling very optimistic that this kid will be born in August, so don't get too excited. I only have a week left until my due date, but dr's say there's nothin' goin' on. Maybe Labor day weekend will be filled with... well, you know.

Hopefully my multi-media post will actually work. Again, not too optimistic.

Avery is officially a pre-schooler! She was pretty excited! She got to meet her teacher and play in her classroom last week, so she was really excited about all of the toys! She didn't cry at all until the end of the day. Apparently she was confused about where her backpack went and thought it was lost- it was in the hallway for pick-up... phew- crisis averted.

So here are some pictures of her all ready to go!!!

She remembered exactly where her cubby was and hung up her back pack like a champ!
I was able to pick up Jeff and we both went to pick her up. She was sooo happy to see daddy!!!
It went something like this...

Daddy: Yeah, did you know your baby brother's name is probably going to be Oliver??

Daughter: (extremely repulsed look on her face and said with much sass) Huh?? No!! He's a boy... it's Olivhim!

Get it?? She thinks its Oliv-her but it should be Oliv-him... Get it??