How on Earth is my daughter 6? Where did the time go?? Surely, the little girl sleeping upstairs is still this little 2 week old, right?? I was looking through some old pictures and thought it would be fun to post a pic from each of her birthdays....

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday 3rd Birthday4th Birthday 5th Birthday

6th Birthday

In so many ways she's still so little- she still wants me to pick out her clothes, she wants us to brush her teeth, she cries when she stubs her toe.... but in so many other ways she's soooo big- she's reading, writing her own birthday thank you cards, trotting on a horse by herself, cracking legitimately funny jokes, and mastering the art of the cartwheel!! Amazing. Amazing to be a part of it all and to watch her grow up!!!

And now, on to the party! This year, we had a Horse Party at a nearby stable. There were three horses- 2 saddled and 1 bareback. Everyone got a chance to ride a saddled horse and a bareback horse. All of the kids also had the chance to groom and brush the horses. Avery was very serious about sharing her horse knowledge with anyone that would listen! So here are lots and lots of pics of Avery with her favorite animals!!!


Getting ready to help tack up...And finally ready to ride!!!Getting comfortable on the bareback horse...Trotting bareback!!! Standing on the horse!!!Avery and her partner won the three-legged race! They were such good planners and communicators!There's Avery in the middle... she did not win the sack race!And finally, the cake!!!
A great time was had by all!!! Oh yeah, Oliver was there too!! He didn't do much of the horseback riding, but had a great time running around!