We're having a snow day from school today, so I thought I'd reflect some on the sunshine and warmth we experienced on our trip to Arizona this Christmas!!! But first, I had some favorite pics from Christmas here that I never posted. The kids picking out our tree!! They're just so cute all bundled up!!!Then, while we were setting up the tree, I kept smelling and exclaiming how good it smelled... so Oliver followed suit!!!As the rest of the decorations were coming out of storage, Avery found our kid nativity set...and then modified it! Her depiction of the birth of Christ!After our family celebration in Colorado (see post below) we hit the road for another successful road trip! We visited lots of friends- at one friend's house, Oliver discovered his new love of Mr. Potato Head. The family had a TON of potatoe heads and just happened to have gotten him one for Christmas!!! We spent a TON of time with the cousins! It was always caos-filled with the energy of kids ages 5, 3, 2 and 2 exploding around the room! Here was an attempt to calm things down... Avery reading to the little ones! See how they're all sweaty and flushed??! Ha!!Then we went to Tucson and saw Great Aunt Nita! The kids always love eating at the Golden Corral and getting a ride on the golf cart! Though Aunt Nita's new puppy trumped everything else this year!!!We went to a few different parks!!! Railroad park with Grandpa!!!Typical.... Oliver jumping off something! Then came the big day!!! Christmas and all of its fun! We had mentioned to Santa when we saw him that we'd be in Arizona, so we made him some fudge and put out a treat for the reindeer!

Avery hung the stockings on the couch with care.And then all heck broke loose!!! Uncle Todd was super excited!Avery patiently waiting for her turn!And enjoying their haul!
Doesn't Avery look so old here??? Obviously the pillow pets were a big hit! We know own a pillow zoo, since both kids got two!!!

Now some of you may not think these are quite as cute as we do, but Oliver is killin' us with his cuteness lately! So here are some videos of him being cute!!!