Our blog was first started as a way to keep family and friends updated with the goings-on of our kids. But there was the added benefit of having a little keepsake of their milestones. And often, it serves as pure entertainment for them! Usually about once a week we go through and watch old videos and laugh! We were doing this yesterday and we watched the video of the "kids" (really, just Avery) singing Happy Birthday to Grandma. Then later on that night, this was Oliver at the table!

Well, Avery found a new sport to love this weekend!!! A friend of ours was having her birthday at the roller rink!! I was working, so I didn't get to experience her new skills firsthand- but all she could talk about when she got home was how brave she was and how it was "so awesome!!!" Pretty cute! She still not the most adventurous girl around, but I did include a blurry picture to prove that she did actually leave the wall at some point!! The fact that she got out there at all- with the music and darkness is awesome for her!

See!!! No wall in sight!! Avery with her little death-grip on Amy and Alexis.Avery and the birthday girl!!Here is Oliver's new favorite game! He is so stinkin' cute! Someday he'll get his own toys so that not everything he uses is pink, but for now, he's pretty happy just hitting the ball!

It's Grandma's birthday today!! Yay!!! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! But we'll be there in a few short weeks!

It's also my niece, Kamy's birthday today! Happy birthday to Kamy too!!!