Oliver is starting to talk so much! He isn't quite as easy to understand as Avery was, but we know what he's saying. "Ball" was his first word- and he says it all of the time! But, he learned "football" the other day. A lot of balls became footballs. It really sounds more like fa-vah. Then he learned basketball today! It's pretty cute how much he emphasizes the three syllables of basketball- even though they don't really sound that much like the word! Fun, fun!

I am the luckiest gal around! Last weekend I got to go to Indiana and surprise a whole heap of friends! The main reason for the surprise trip was to celebrate Erin and Tyler's engagement!!! More about that later- let's go through the trip chronologically!

So first, I headed from the airport to Dave and Jo's house! I've never been to their new home... but I snuck in at about 1 am (Dave knew I was coming)! Found the guest room and went to sleep! Then in the morning, Dave woke me up and had me go under the tree. Jo walked out and found me there! Sooo fun! I got to enjoy them for a few hours! And now on to the happy couple!!! Erin and I have known each other for about 7 years! She was a senior on the team when I started coaching at Taylor. Then she was my assistant coach for the next 4 years! She and Tyler started dating a while ago and are now on their way to spending the rest of their lives together!!

Erin didn't know I was coming to celebrate with her! After they got engaged, I showed up at her apartment and we got to have coffee! Shortly thereafter, a bunch more people showed up and they have a Tree Decorating/Engagement Party!! Here they are telling the story to the crowd!The happy bride, showing off her rock! I got to see a few former players at the party! So fun to catch up with these girls and hear about their post college lives!

The fun continued when I got to surprise some more people at church the next day! I also got to hang with my cool nephew... but oddly, I didn't take any pictures there!

Avery had her Christmas Program today! I have no idea why they did it so early- we just did the Thanksgiving one! So, here's some Christmas previews... Oliver waiting for the program to start- lookin' like a handsome fella.
Afterwards, I told Oliver to go stand with Avery. He scooched right on over and laid his head on her shoulder.He just needed some sister-lovin'!!
Oliver was missing a nap to be there and there were lots of trees and toys around- so no smiling for him... but these are cute anyway!

While I'm at it, I may as well post these videos from the Thanksgiving program. It was much smaller and just in their classroom, but still super cute!

Oh yeah- Oliver has spent some time in some boxes recently. It's his new thing!

And with hats...
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Well friends, its official. The sweet, laid-back little baby that we all once loved... has morphed. He is now an ornery, tantrum-throwing toddler. Of course, that just means there are more aspects of his personality to love, but phew... he's going to be a challenge.

It has really made me realize some things about Avery. She is still high-maintenence, stubborn and sassy. BUT, I now see how compliant she is! I wouldn't have thought of her as a compliant baby- there's a little too much 'will'there- but now that Oliver is here, I know that she was a compliant baby!

Does Oliver know what 'no' means? Yup, he does... and he rarely listens to it. He throws massive screaming fits when he doesn't get his way. He is drawn to activities he knows he not supposed to do... often walking over to it saying 'no' the whole time. All the while with a little, tiny smirk on his face! I know he is only 14 months old... but he's such a stinker!!

So this is our latest "game" when it is time for a diaper change! Oh boy... parenting Oliver is going to be very different that Avery!!!

This has been a very snowy October! We just had another huge storm- I'm not sure how much snow we actually got- I've heard some say 23 inches, some say 19 inches, and some say 14. So, I think it was between 16 and 18 inches at our house. Here is our grill in the back! The snow on the railing that is starting to bend over...
Avery ready for some fun!
Heading off to sled with her buddy!
Avery had two days off school. Jeff had a day and a half and the elementary schools around here at 3 days off! So on the first day we had a little impromptu Snow Day Celebration! A lot of our neighbors work in the school system, so they all came over for coffee, cocoa, and cookies! Video games were played by the older boys, the little kids ran around like crazy people, and the adults enjoyed some snacks! It was really fun! Here are the neighbors enjoying each other's company!!
Thankfully, today was sunny, so most of the sidewalks and driveways are melted already!!! Should make for an interesting Halloween tomorrow!
Last night while Oliver was eating dinner, Avery was running back and forth yelling, "ready, set, gooooo!!!" She would stand on the little circle yell her saying and then run and throw herself on the couch. When Oliver was done eating, this video is what he started doing! "ooohh, ooohhh, doooo!!!" He did this for the next 30 minutes or so... so cute! (oh and yeah, this is a good video to see how messy our house is!)

In other news, we had a pretty decent snow yesterday! Seems like there is always a good snow in October, but we'll be back to sunny skies and warm temps in a few days!

This is actually from the night before the snow, but isn't he cute in his hat??Pretty Plum tree with snow!

Now for a random story. This is Oliver and Bear. Oliver loves Bear. He carries it everywhere. Bear makes Oliver very happy. Bear has some issues. Oliver eats Bear. Here he is taking a bite.Chewing some fur...Uh, yeah. This is what Bear looks like now. That's a bald spot. And bald ears. Has anyone else's kids ever done this? Maybe this is too much info, but yes, there has been fur in Oliver's diaper before. Poor Bear.

Apparently I'm feeling picture happy this morning. This post if choc-ful-o-pics!! We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday on Jeff's Fall Break (his one day of fall break- everyone else around here gets at least a week!). Good time was had by all!

Oliver got to play with rocks... so he was pretty happy!
That, and barking at ALL animals and playing pumpkin drums was just about all Oliver needed to have a good day! He also spent a lot of time shouting "ball" at the acres and acres of pumpkins. Here Oliver is barking at a cow.Pumpkin drums...Enjoying the wagon ride with the fam...Finding our perfect pumpkin!Avery lovin' the barrel train. She rode it twice!The highlight of the day for Avery was when we were nearby when the ponies arrived to begin pony rides. She got to watch them unload and then the sweetest little kids let her help get one of the ponies ready!!! She got to brush it and help put the blanket on! She was so excited! I think she won them over with her little stable shirt that has a flap on it- when you open it, there is a horse inside! It's her favorite shirt!!

Petting and brushing her new buddy...
Helping put on the blanket. Seriously, these kids could not have been nicer to her! They kept telling her what a good helper she was and asking her all sorts of questions about her love for horses!Avery with her favorite horse in the background. Looks like Trigger liked Avery too!Avery and Trigger!Wooooaaaa!!!
We headed home... a good day was had by all!!!!