In our home, a pacifier is now called a sucker. Why? Because Avery is slighly fearful that fire will shoot out of Oliver's mouth if we call it a paci-fire.

She's apparently also slightly afraid of her humid-i-fire in her room.
Not much new going on here! Jeff's parents are here for a visit, so Avery is thoroughly entertained! Thank goodness! Here are some random pics of the fam hangin' out. Enjoy!!
Avery is just a little bit proud to be a big sister!

Here's Oliver's first bottle...

So it's been a little over a week that our son's been out-of-momma, and sorry that we haven't posted any more pictures. The reasons are most likely...
1. He just sleeps a lot. Not that interesting of pics. (And when he's not sleeping, he's typically feeding, and those aren't the type of pictures Steph usually lets me post online.)
2. We've been relatively busy.
3. We've been tired, when we're not busy.

So anyway, here I am with some new pics for you of life at the Smith household in the past week...

First off, a couple last ones from the hospital, before we got to come home on Monday.

Note: That one of me, I asked Steph to take a pic, because I was worried there was no proof that I was actually present at the hospital at all. She pointed out how ridiculous my hair looked at the moment, after a couple days lounging at the hospital (which it really did), so I asked her to zoom in close enough to crop out my hair. She did a pretty good job, huh?

Next up, Steph's brother Todd and his family joined us for a visit on Wednesday. It was great to visit with them, and Avery had a lot of fun playing with her cousins and aunt and uncle.

And lastly, here are a couple shots of Oliver hanging out at home. We actually caught him awake in one of them. (Kat, notice the cute baseball outfit he's wearing!) And in the other one, he's sleeping in one of his many funny positions- with his hand on his head.

Born at 1:59, Oliver Todd Smith.

8 lbs, 1 oz.
19 inches

As of 1pm, Steph is now dilated to 6cm or more. (And we're aiming for a goal of 10cm, in case we have any non-initiated friends reading this, like Stacey did a couple weeks ago.) The doctors broke her water so that they more closely monitor things with internal monitors. (A transducer 'screws into' our boy's head. Weird.) They also turned off the pitocin because of some mildy weird things going on with Oliver's heart rate. So we could either be finishing up soon, or finding out later that we need more pitocin.
Well everyone, we're settled into the hospital, and the pitocin is drippin', and Steph's feeling contractions. She was only dilated to 2.5cm when we began the pitocin at 7:30ish this morning, but it's been working its magic for a few hours now, and now things are getting pretty darned uncomfortable for her. I think that's actually a good think, though, since it hopefully means that she's dilating more and more. (I think the doctor's going to check her progress again soon.

We'll try to let you know if there's an update, but for now we're just watching TV and playing on the computer, and hanging out and hoping for new info from the doctors/nurses.

(Also, just so you know, we're experiencing some issues logging onto our blog, so Adam is updating for us via e-mails to him. So this process of getting info out to our adoring public might not run as smoothly as we had hoped.)
We are finally scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning at 5:30am! Thank goodness! I'm pumped to get the process started and be done with growin' this little boy! So, stay tuned!