Well, here I am, blogging from Indiana! I'm stealing Adam's pictures while everyone happily sleeps upstairs! Ah, time zones. We've had a great time so far! The flight went really well- everyone was happy and relatively quiet! We've seen a ton of friends and spent a lot of fun time with family! Here are some pics of the new cousins playing together!!!

Relatively happy....And then cousin Jack decides to come in for the sneak attack...Oliver is blindsided with a blow to the left eye!! (not at all, really... but doesn't it look like it?)All is well, back to normal, happy playing!And then there's this picture! I have no idea what was going on, but Oliver's look is fantastic!! If he spoke, I'm sure some sarcastic quip would be forming in his head right now... It was getting pretty hot, so babies were starting to shed clothing! Our little buddy in the middle (who, by the way, is 2 months younger than the cousins!!! yeah, he's big!) was laying around all naked, and I just had to see brown-boy Oliver next to him!! Jack's can certainly hold his own in the tan-baby department... the result was kinda funny!!! Shortly after this picture, both cousins rolled over and attacked poor little buddy in the middle!
Thankfully Adam and Stacey have their camera ready! Mine is still in my suitcase! Maybe I'll try and get that out tomorrow, so I don't have to steal from Adam's computer! Sorry Uncle Adam!

Avery is here too! She's spending her time tormenting Daisy Dog and playing Wii!! Um, she's sort of awesome at it! She parred two holes in golf and ended her 3-hole round at -1!!! She also got 5 hits in a row during batting practice! Maybe all 4-year-olds are this good at Wii, but I was impressed! Ok, I'm off to bed so I can be all peppy for more visiting tomorrow!
This is going to be quite random... I don't have much time. But, we're long overdue... so here ya go!! Lots of pics of the kids playing together!! Oliver's a big sitter now, so he's getting to play with a lot more toys and with big sister!!!And then this happened... we were stuck inside for a few days because of 10 inches of snow on Saturday!
Luckily, it didn't last long! By Monday, we were back in shorts and t-shirts, watching the snow melt!
Oliver put our time indoors to good use. He spent his time perfecting his crawl!!! He's still pretty slow, but he's moving around pretty well! He gets stuck in some sticky situations, but is lovin' his new-found mobility! (oh, and he also grew two teeth!)

To wrap it up, just some cuteness from playing outside. I couldn't get any pics of Avery, because she was playing with all of the neighbors... no time for pics for her!