Would ya look at how cute this little fella is?? My goodness- he was soooooo excited for his first swim lesson!! He just kept bouncing up and down. I wish I could have captured it, but he kept turning around during his lesson and flashing me the double thumbs up!

And then, there is his version of hitting... complete with sound effects!!

Most of you will probably think these videos are super boring because it is much of the same from the last post. But THIS time she was in a real Horse Show! Well, sort of. It was a schooling show- so everything is a bit more relaxed and the expectation is learning and not winning. Though, it turns out, that is hard for the female component of the Smith Family!

You see, Avery received a ribbon for "Best Smile". Which is a consolation prize so everyone gets a ribbon. She's happy as a clam, but she did ask, "Does this mean I did better than everyone else or worse than everyone else?" I did not take the bait though and just told her that the judges just thought she had the best smile!! And I- being the source of all of Avery's competitiveness- stewed over it for the next 2 days trying to figured out what she could have done differently! (stewing over something that I know NOTHING about) Ridiculous, I realize!!

So here is her ribbon-winning ride!! ;) And some pics thrown in for good measure!

Avery is on the little pony- not the big white horse!

Lined up in the middle at the end- she looks so small!

Riding out with her ribbon.