Holy smokes, friends! There's a lot going wrong with our house! It all began yesterday with the closing. A last minute judgement was placed on the house, so closing got pushed back 3 hours (which delayed our poor carpet cleaning guy, who was very gracious). Then it seemed like a lot of stuff wasn't completed by the title company, so there was a lot of needless sitting around while everyone (realtor, mortgage broker, some other guy) talked intensely on their cell phones. Awkward and frustrating.

So, we find our key under a pile of pebbles by the front door (yup, you read that correctly- that's where the listing agent said they'd be- yay for foreclosed homes) and discover some things are bad. Air conditioning- apparently almost stolen until our neighbor stopped them at 11:00pm a few nights ago. All of the lines to the unit are cut. Water leaking into the basement from somewhere- discovered from dishwasher- dad can fix. Thank goodness. Faucet spraying water everywhere- dad fixed again- thank goodness they came up here!!! Today, major water pouring into the basement from outside spigot. Haven't even attempted to fix yet. New fridge shows up with major scratch down the side- and barely... and I mean barely fits into space. Maybe getting new one. Sheesh!!!!!

Avery's beginning to adjust to the idea of our new house- apparently her toys showing up one by one is helping. Grandma has been awesome at entertaining her! I can't believe we even considered not taking them up on their offer to come up and help with the move! Crazy!

Here's the good news... the nasty carpet got a lot cleaner! The guy did a great job. There are lots of kids on the cul-de-sac and it seems like everyone is really, really friendly. Jeff met all of the wives last night as they were all just hanging out outside while the kids played... fun, huh?? I haven't met them yet. There are some girls that are babysitting age too! Its way quieter than our apartment. The new sink and faucet that my dad and Jeff picked out are perfect and looking fantastic! If we decide to keep the fridge- its giant and awesome. Things that are crazy disgusting and dirty and cleaning up nicely...mainly thanks to my ma! There are more screens on the windows than I remembered.

OK, gotta go pack some more!
We're blogging from Indiana! We're much of the way through our two weeks here in the Midwest and loving every minute of it! We've been to the zoo, children's museum, living history museum, friend's houses, and Jeff has played lots of "spontaneous basketball". Which is apparently better than planned basketball. We've got a weekend full of baby showers for Jeff's sister and then back to Colorado on Tuesday.

I don't have any pictures from our festivities because I'm too lazy to upload them- sorry... soon, though!

Also, for those of you who don't know, we're closing on our house in a week!! We get to move in next weekend! Phew! Can't believe it! We're pretty pumped! Hopefully we'll have some good help- ma and pa Davis are making the trip up from AZ to help so that will be a fun visit and crazy helpful!

So, new poll over at the side... we're getting pretty desperate on the naming-our-kid thing. Not that we don't have plenty of time to decide, I just want to decide... so we're turning to public opinion. Be kind- some of our favorites are a bit out there, but with Smith as a last name, you have to be semi-unique!