We took on another Smith Family hike this weekend! We headed a bit further into the mountains than usual and were rewarded with an awesome day in the forest!! Ya know, I've often mocked the Coloradans' love for "aspen color". I've thought to myself, "surely, these must be people who have never seen fall in the midwest or east."

But Sunday's hike to Burning Bear Creek changed my mind!!! While it may not be quite as awe-inspiring as the peak of fall color in the midwest, the combo of the yellow aspens and evergreens is pretty amazing!It was a perfect day to get to the mountains! We had record breaking heat in Denver, so the mountains were in the 70's... aaahhhh... This trail was super shady, so I didn't get very many good pictures of the fam. I don't really understand how to get good pictures when the subject is shady, but the background is crazy bright. And then, of course, there is Oliver's smile to contend with.

But the scenery was pretty gorgeous! Avery brought her classroom stuffed animal, Lars, along for the hike. We had to document everything we did while he was with us, so this was for her project.This was such a skinny part of the trail- where we eventually ran into some cows blocking the path! We made that our turn around point!
The waterfall along the road to the hike.Exploring the rocks around the waterfall... our kids FAVORITE part of hiking. This actual hike was pretty unrocky and Avery was getting bored because she couldn't have 'adventures'!!Then we started letting her go off the trail and she had a much better time!!!!Yup, I was there too!Gorgeous!!!
The best way to wrap up a day in the mountains?? Relaxing by the waterfall with/on daddy!!
Church in the morning + a Colts game at the neighbors + 2 previous days of little naps = one sleepy little two-year-old!!!!!

I was watching him eating with his head resting on his arm, but still looking around. Then his head started to tilt a little...And then I snuck around him and sure enough...Sound asleep!!!!
(by the way... stellar job on the comments on the last post!!! i think it is a smith family blog record!! thanks for the love!!!!)
Oliver is 2!!! Can you believe it??!! We had a fun party with the grandparents, neighbors, and a few friends!

We started the day off with Oliver's present from us! I think he liked it!!!

Then the grandparents came over and we had a present opening session with them. He has been such a happy little clam playing with all of his new toys! Here is his new smile on his new scooter!! It's not great (the smile, not the scooter).

Grandpa and Grandma Davis brought his present from Uncle Todd and Aunt Kristen...

Then it was party time!!!! He had sooooo much fun!!!!

Getting used to the bounce house with daddy...It didn't take long before he was going crazy!!!!Present time!!!!
Cake time!! We had a fire engine theme. This cake had some issues not falling over- but some licorice reinforcements and Grandpa Davis' expertise helped make it through the party!

Ok, here are the jumping videos!!! Avery was sore for 2 days!!! Oliver keeps asking where the bounce house is!! He thinks we own it!

I love the "ok, watch guys!!" He loves those neighborhood boys!

Avery turned into a crazy flipper in this one!!! Hence, the soreness!