Ha ha. Get it, it was another really pretty place, and there was a butte there. So, we hit the road again and less than an hour later, we ended up here at Eldorado Canyon.Here's the butte from far away...and here it is up close! (this picture is a little shout out for Mark Rohlfing. I thought he'd like it!)
Once again, the kids were amazing! Avery was so adventury and Oliver just followed her! She even slid- unexpectedly- for about 10 feet down a rock and just laughed it off! That's big! She kept talking about how tough she was!
Here they are jogging after some joggers went past. We talked with a guy that was free climbing and they they started climbing all over the rocks. Silly kids.In a cave. They were both pretty fond of this cave!Break time!On the way back to get our picnic together, Oliver started laying his head down. Then his eyes started getting droopier and droopier....Then, he was folded in half... completely asleep on Jeff's shoulders!!!!
After lunch we put our feet in the freezing cold creek!
Cute little family!
In the end, a great day was had by all! Oliver's grubby little backside is proof!
...this is about 20 minutes from our house!! Welcome to Castlewood Canyon State Park. Who knew??

So the kids and I went on a little adventure the other day. The Smith family doesn't have a great history with hiking. Avery likes to think she can be adventury, but ends up complaining the entire time. Nature is a lot less relaxing when your child is whining, crying, and complaining. But, she's older now... so we had to give it a go!
Turns out, she was awesome!! She loved it! Which was even more impressive because the mosquitos here was horrific! Both kids are covered in bites! Avery even told me to "just relax about the bugs!!" (I really hate mosquito bites) We have plans to bring daddy back- along with some bug spray!!!

There's a bit of a resemblance here....Oliver's little ear is soooo swollen that its sagging down! Poor little fella. Took him to the dr and she said its probably an infected or allergic reaction to a bug bite.
This has been the summer of swimming for Avery! Waaaay back in May, Avery wouldn't jump in the water without holding onto our hands, would barely put her head in the water, and couldn't move in the water independently... at all!! Then one week we went to open swim at the place where she takes lessons. She just started swimming all over the place! Fast forward to this week... while at the local public pool, she perfected the somersault!! She's such a little fish now! It's pretty fun!

Avery Swimming from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

Avery Swimming 2 from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

Avery Swimming 3 from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

I'm not sure what is happening in the Smith family home lately... but it's awesome. Avery and Oliver have been awesome together lately!! They've been playing together nicely, wrestling without getting injured, and.... sharing!!!! Whhhaaaa???? I think a lot of it has to do with Oliver giving up his obsession of taking whatever Avery has. So anyway, here are some pictures of sibling cuteness!!! Playing in the mud...Let it be noted that on this day, Avery put on Oliver's shoes (with his pj's) and took him outside and put him up on the swing... sooo cute!!Look how sweetly she's lookin' at her little brother...
My wonderful friend Kenna, came for a visit! We've known each other since high school and now have five kids between us! She used to live up here (before we came to Colorado) and had lots of friends to visit. We had them for 2 days and the girls got along GREAT! Avery's playdates are often filled with conflict and a struggle for control... but these three had zero conflict for two whole days! It was glorious!!! They randomly all had the same dress in various colors... fun!!Gotta throw the little boys in every once in a while!! So cute!Avery was pooped!!! They were watching a Barbie movie and she just fizzled right out!Look at this little cutie! I put him under a tree and he crossed his little legs, folded those chubby little hands, and watched the leaves blow!
Good time was had by all! Can't wait until they come back!!
And in other news.... there may be a post involving the new Smith FAMILY car coming up! If all goes well, we'll be driving it tonight!!!! Stay tuned!
The stellar career of Avery playing baseball has begun!!! Unfortunately, she's not been around for a much of the season, but the one game she did play in was really fun!!! She didn't get a chance to attend any of the practices either, so her first game was a bit of a surprise for her! Here she is at first base, before the first play of the game.

Of course, the first play was the only time a ball actually was thrown all the way to first base and Avery's strengths don't fall into the "catching" category! She got nailed in the chest and was super sad!
So this was Avery after she calmed down... happily far away from the action in centerfield!!!! Still ready though! And she did get a couple of balls out there!Running the bases!!! And, of course since I tried the blogger video again, I can't see which video is which... but I think this is Avery's first hit!!! And the next video is her 2nd hit! Enjoy!!!

Last weekend the Smith fam was honored to be a part of the VanCrandall wedding!!! Erin was on my softball team at TU my very first year and then was my assistant coach for the next 4 years! So fun to see her take this amazing step with Tyler!!! Jeff got to play music, I did a reading, and Avery was the flower girl!!! She was pretty excited, but very nervous! Of course I didn't take any pictures of the family together, but I took plenty of Avery!

The day couldn't have been more perfect! It was plenty hot, but Avery was awesome! She barely complained all day! She didn't love the beginning of the reception, but once the dancing started.... oh my... she went crazy! She danced with the softball girls all.night.long!!!!!

Fancy Feet from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

Dancing Cuteness from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

Last one of dancing! from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.