UPDATE: So there really are videos there. I promise. I know it doesn't look like it and videos on blogger have been goofy lately. But really- they're there. Can you see them?

He is turning into such a silly, quirky little fella! Keep in mind, that the only way we are able to catch these on video is because he spends several minutes doing each move!! So the fact that he was doing this for 15 minutes, is just funny! He would put the cans down, squish his head between the two cans, lay still minute, then get up and say, "funny!!"

This is when we call him the Long Jumper. He'll run and do this over and over and over and over! Silly! He only said "dinosaur" like this for a day, so I'm glad we caught it!! (sorry about the whole sideways video thing again... don't know why I keep doing that)

It was time. Oliver looked like he had a rat-tail! We were really hoping that his hair was going to curl, but I think we've begun to understand that it just wasn't meant to be! His wonderful little curls on the back were just baby hair curls, I think! So, it was time to unshaggify the little boy! We headed back to the place where Avery had her birthday party and hoped for the best. I will admit that I tried to cut off the rat-tail this morning, and knew that it wasn't going to go well! Certainly not as well as Avery's first haircut!!

So here's poor little Ollie, getting tortured!! Not even fruit snacks could make him feel better about the clippers!!Tears streaming down the face!!

Every so briefly entertained by Avery blowing bubbles for him!!

Phew!! All done!! Avery was feeling pretty triumphant, but Oliver wasn't quite over the trauma yet!
Just some shots of the new haircut!! He looks like such a big boy!!!

Avery had her party at Snip-Its, which is a hair salon for kids. The girls got to have an up-do, their nails painted, put on makeup, and they did a fashion show. It was pretty fun!! Avery keeps saying that she wishes she could stay there forever!!! Here are some pics of the festivities!

Coloring her purse- all dressed up!She's up first to get her hair done! She chose the "diva" style!Finished product!Getting her nails painted! She chose pink with green sparkles on top??
Oh, the make-up application process. It continued throughout the day- you'll see that later!The fashion show! It was sort of busy in the store so I think some of the girls got a little shy!
Cupcakes and singing!Opening presents! Avery and mommy!!!
Yup, Oliver was there. Poor guy. Um, so this was her makeup application later! She was actually trying to be funny, but yikes!
Avery received this Barbie Jammin' Jeep as a gift from Jeff and I and my parents! She LOVES it! The best part of the gift- for us- was that our neighbor put it together! We didn't have to apply a single sticker!!!! Thanks, Doug!!!!This was part of her celebration today. She got to take in cookies for snack at school, play with her Jeep, open presents from family, go to Chik-fil-a for dinner (her request!!), and then to Erica's for cake and playing!! It may look like she's really excited about these pj's (which she was) but she is actually yawning!! We had to wake her up to get going with our plans, so she was excited... but sleepy!!!
Cake time at Erica's!!!!

So that's it! The celebrations are over! She's had a little something special going on for several days in a row- I'm not sure how she'll get through tomorrow!!
Well, my little girl is 5!! Seems crazy! This birthday seems like a big one for some reason. Maybe because kindergarten is around the corner and she is leaving her preschool years behind. Makes me feel a little nostalgic! So, I decided to post a bunch of little baby Avery pictures!!

Happy Birthday, big girl!!!