Oh little Ollie! He just wants to play soccer and be wherever Avery is! I do believe he is actually on the playing field here! I had to keep herding him back off of the field- but he didn't really disturb anyone! He is getting really good at kicking! Just a few more years, buddy!!
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Avery's little friend had her birthday party at a tea parlor this weekend. Avery got to get all dressed up and she had a really good time! I told her she looked like Alice In Wonderland and I think this is from that!The patented Avery side head cock!!And what is dressing up in a fancy dress without being able to spin??

The real Avery comes out!!
Our friend Jayne is coming to visit!!!! (by the way, if you need a good laugh, go to her blog and check our this post- so funny!!!)

Oliver found this can of Dr. Pepper in the garage the other day and carried it around forever! It eventually popped and the fun was over, but we got some good photos before that happened!

So this is in honor of Jayne because she LOVES Dr. Pepper. It is, without question, where my love of Dr. P developed!

Yay! Our baby boy is one! Hard to believe how fast this year has gone! He is such a fun little guy! Here are some of our favorite things about Oliver as he turns one....
-He loves his big sister! When she wakes up in the morning, he walks over to the bottom of the stairs and gets a huge smile on his face! If she lays on the floor, he will tackle her immediately! He "steam rolls" her with a big grin on his face the entire time!

-He is such a little troublemaker!!! He'll put something in his mouth and take off really fast trying to get away before we can get it out! He thinks he's sooo funny when he hands us something and fakes us out. He'll climb up to the 2nd stair and then turn around with a little smirk on his face wondering how far we're going to let him go!
-When he really likes something or wants something he says, "oooohhhoooo" It's so cute, he's got the neighbors saying it too!
-He loves balls and stuffed animals! "Ball" is one of the only things he says and he will spend 15-20 minutes just chasing a ball around by himself! He loves hugging stuffed animals! He really loves tackling big stuffed animals!
Ok... enough talking- on the the pictures!! Apparently, Jeff did most of the picture taking, so you'll be seeing a lot of me!
The festivities began the night before when the assembly of the toys began! We wanted to do it ahead of time so the kids could play with toys at the party... doesn't this look fun??

And so, the morning of his birthday, we couldn't make him wait to play with his present from mom and dad... I think he likes it!!!Avery spent some time walking the neighbors dog/horse!!! She got a new crown because she was having a hard time with the "presents are for Oliver" concept.Now its party time! Here he is enjoying his first chips with our friend Jen.Making him wear the dreaded hat.... we had this exact one for Avery when she was one and she hated it too!Having some fun in his swing... he really liked it that the balloon bonked him in the head every time he would swing. Aaaaahhhh, boys!Then we got to open some amazing presents! So fun to get so many new toys!!!Trying out the new Kawasaki!!!!On to the cake!!! Since Oliver loves balls so much, we decided to do a ball theme for his party! So we made some ball cakes and the kids got playground balls as their party favor. There were playground balls flying all around our cul-de-sac!!! Anyway, here's the cake. He was hesitant at first, then liked it for a bit, then got really mad that he was still in his highchair!So a fun day was had by all! Cornhole was played, bikes were riden, yummy food was consumed... good times! We love you big-boy Oliver!!!!!