Well friends, its official. The sweet, laid-back little baby that we all once loved... has morphed. He is now an ornery, tantrum-throwing toddler. Of course, that just means there are more aspects of his personality to love, but phew... he's going to be a challenge.

It has really made me realize some things about Avery. She is still high-maintenence, stubborn and sassy. BUT, I now see how compliant she is! I wouldn't have thought of her as a compliant baby- there's a little too much 'will'there- but now that Oliver is here, I know that she was a compliant baby!

Does Oliver know what 'no' means? Yup, he does... and he rarely listens to it. He throws massive screaming fits when he doesn't get his way. He is drawn to activities he knows he not supposed to do... often walking over to it saying 'no' the whole time. All the while with a little, tiny smirk on his face! I know he is only 14 months old... but he's such a stinker!!

So this is our latest "game" when it is time for a diaper change! Oh boy... parenting Oliver is going to be very different that Avery!!!