Wow, April 24, huh?? That was the last time I blogged? Yikes. Well, I'm going to attempt to catch you all up on what's been happening in the last 2 months.

We potty-trained Oliver! Phew! What a relief! He still wears diapers for snoozin', but he is a total pro otherwise! He got lots of treats, toys, stickers, and tattoos during the whole process. I was trying to get a pic of him with his favorite Superman, but this is what I got instead. The kids trying to pretend to be mad.

Up next, the end of Avery's first year of elementary school! Yay! She graduated kindergarten with flying colors and is totally ready for first grade! We find out her teacher this week- I hope its a good one!

(oh yeah- and Jeff and I are kickin' some serious butt on our formerly chubby selves! Since the end of January he's lost about 40 lbs. and I'm only 2 lbs away from 50!!!! I think Jeff looks super skinny in this family shot!!)

After school ended- or really- the day school ended, Avery had her 1st baseball game of the summer. I'm the coach of the Black Bats and we are doing totally awesome! (sort of) Our defense has come really far and we're making some good progress in all areas!

Then the day after our 1st game, we took off on a road trip for Oklahoma to visit the Bouse House and meet our new nephew, Graham! Grandpa and Grandma Smith were there too, so it was fun to hang with the grandparents!

Our last two visits to the house of Bouse have involved Oliver playing with Jack's SuperWhy! toys! About 1.8 seconds after entering their house, he finds these and monopolizes them the entire visit! He really turns into quite the super hero- I think its the cape. Well, Grandpa and Grandma thought this was pretty great and got him his own set of the toys!

He then wore his mask and cape!!! Even to Old Navy where he was endlessly mocked by a 3-year-old girl.

Ok, what else... Avery did a sports camp at a local church. She did the cheerleading track with her buddy. She is the one in pink shorts and a white hat. Sort of behind the coach. This is her final show at the end of camp.

So we're pretty current now. It is officially summer and we've hit the 90's here in Parker, so we broke out the sweet pool! The kids have been swimming like crazy!