Before I get to the a report on the most amazing weekend ever, here's a super cute picture of Oliver!
Ok... now to the Girls Weekend!! Oh my goodness. It was amazing. I really can't put into words how fun and relaxing it was... but I'll try! First of all, we stayed here.
It was heavenly. Simply heavenly. Close to everything, super comfy, and most importantly- filled with some amazing friends! So Erica, Jen, Liz and I all headed to Coronado Island for some serious girl time! We talked and talked, encouraged one another, challenged one another, made fun of each other, and laughed harder than most people on the island! It was so fun! These women are such a blessing to me! Their kids are a bit older so they are filled with perspective and wisdom- with a little bit of sympathy thrown it!

We participated in several of the most relaxing activities you can imagine...sleeping in, naps on the beach, pedicures, jacuzzi time, more laughter, amazing restaurants, and a chick-flick! Phew! I relax a little just thinking about it!
We started off the weekend with a healthy dose of mexican food! Ya know how little jokes don't really translate on "paper"? Well, this is a picture of one of those jokes. We'll just say straws and sipping in a silly fashion can simultaneously mock your friends and get you out of a sticky conversation. We'll just leave it at that.
The girls in front of the Hotel del Coronado. We ate here a couple of times. Um... yum.
The whole clan getting ready to depart.
Oh, woe is us. Our flight was delayed and we had to stay in San Diego for a few more hours. Better head to happy hour at this place on the water, overlooking the San Diego skyline. Boohoo. Such gorgeous girls!!!
Well... first of all, let me eat some humble pie... I told y'all to comment more and maybe I'd blog more, but that hasn't been the case at all! You guys did such a great job commenting and I was so excited every time I went back to check and would see more comments! But then, we traveled, painted a living room (still in process), traveled some more, and now have visitors = no blogging. Sorry!

So, my plan is this: I'm going to do one post per day (hopefully) until I get caught up with all of the events that have been happening lately!

Here are the pics from our trip to Indiana! It was so fun for me to be back so soon after my last trip! We had a great time visiting everyone and playing with cousin Jack!

The first event of the week was a surprise party for our friend Dave's birthday! While we were waiting to surprise him, Avery pushed Oliver on the swing... After some basketball (a must while visiting the Hoosier state!) we went to a BBQ and Dave and Jo's friends. While there, Avery got to play until she could barely stand anymore! Here's us on a little adventure!
We also went to the zoo where Oliver decided to take over the big stroller!

Avery rode a horse... we're pretty sure this zoo pony ride place is where her extreme love of horses began.
Friends Dave and Jo at the zoo with us!

A rare family shot...

Avery just a little, teensy, bit frightened to pet the sharks (which she did a few short minutes later!).

The Oliver and Jack montage... oh my, did they enjoy baths together! It was so hard to keep them above water and off of each other! But they were a big splashy ball of cuteness!

At the park...

Awww, covered in kids!

Grandma hooked the boys up with some matching outfits! We tried our best to get some good pics, but this was about the best we could do! This is Oliver about to give Jack a snuggle!

Playing, playing, playing!
And "chase" begins!!!