Well, we've been lacking in the photo posts lately, so here's some pics to catch up. Erin and Tyler came for a visit this weekend- following Erin's bro's wedding in Colorado Springs. We met them down at Garden of the Gods and had fun on our "adventure" as Avery called it (some tricky wordage to get her to like hiking). Avery posing in crazy wind and by some cool rocks.

Here, Avery is very excited about her bravery in hiking up a rock formation. Very proud (like a peacock- 100 points if you get that reference) and with a grubby face.

Avery and her favorite buddy, Erin...
The fam...
Avery and one of her new favorite buddies, Tyler.
The following are some random pictures of Avery being three. Here, she's playing her tuba- get it... inner tube, but wearing it like a tuba- and she zerberts on it.
Lately, Avery's been really into shoving as many toys as possible into her backpack or purses and then taking all of them with her wherever she goes. Here's us going on a walk recently...

Here's her stash on a recent trip to the mall. Note- blankie, Rocket the kitty, 3 purses and a backpack- just for a trip to the mall.
In other news- for those of you who don't know yet, we'll be visiting the great state of Indiana for the middle two weeks in June. So clear you schedules to hang out with the Smiths!!! We can't wait to see everyone and visit all of the old haunts- Greek's pizza anyone???

So really, the kid's meal at Chik-Fil-A... their "toy" recently was a CD to learn how to speak Italian. It wasn't even one aimed towards kids, just a CD with English and Italian phrases for you to repeat. What a joke, right?? Did they just get a bunch of these donated and decide they could be a toy? Or was this really the brainchild of some big-wig at the company? I thought it would be such a flop...

Boy was I wrong. The day we received it, Avery has been totally in to practicing her Italian. Maybe you won't think its as funny as I do... but it brings to mind one of my favorite scenes from "Friends". Remember when Phoebe was trying to teach Joey how to speak French? I can't even explain it, you just have to see it. Here's Avery's interpretation...

The inspection got pushed back to Thursday :(.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
Well, nine days later... we finally heard on the house and we got it! We were really surprised because we were one of five offers on the house! On Monday, the bank asked everyone to put their 'highest and best' offers on the table- and I guess ours was the best!

Now, we're trying not to get too excited because the inspection is on Saturday. In the vain of getting too excited, let's all remember that this house is only 10 years old, so hopefully that bodes well for not too much wrong!

We really, really like this house... so please continue to pray for financial wisdom for us, that our emotions wouldn't control our decions (ie- us overlooking lots of stuff at the inspection because we just like it so much), and that everything at the inspection would go great!!

If everything at the inspection goes well, then y'all get more pictures! Until then, you can refer to the previous post and imagine the inside! :)

Also, stay tuned for some video of Avery speaking Italian... oh yeah... can't miss it!