Avery and I were feeling a little crazy the other day and she got her hair cut SHORT!! It's almost summertime, so why not, right?? Now that its done, I think I prefer it longer, but she looks cute no matter the length of her hair!

And then there's Oliver. Still doesn't love the haircutting process (unlike his sister!!).

But soooo handsome once he's all cleaned up!!And for my birthday, my friends took me to the make-up counter to get my make-up done. Then they bought me all new make-up! It was very nice of them! Since I'm on the slipperly slope to 40, I'd better wear make-up more often!!! Here's my before!!


I had a great birthday week! Dinner with friends, another dinner with our family, presents and treats! I believe right now we have Ho-Ho's, Banana Bars, birthday cake, and cookie dough in our house! Yikes!
I'm not sold on the camera yet! The flash works weird and a lot of times the pictures turn out orangey. Luckily, Costco has a 90 day return policy... I'm going to go spend some time with the manual now!
Hooray! I got my birthday present today!!! It's more that what we usually spend on gifts, but we needed a new camera! Lucky, lucky me! Thank you family (and tax return!!)! Here are some pictures I took while getting to know my new camera!

Oh my goodness! It seems like Avery has grown up overnight! She used to be this shy, timid, super cautious little preschooler! Now, she's barely shy and timid... and a little less cautious! Today, she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!! I couldn't believe how fast it all happened!

About a week and a half ago, she decided it was time to take her training wheels off. I have no idea where this idea came from, but she said she was ready! So off they came and she practiced every once in a while. In the meantime, she received a two-wheel scooter (which I think helped her sense of balance) and has gone crazy on that thing!

So today, she wanted to practice with me holding her and letting go when she was steady. We went around the cul-de-sac a few times and once we were crossing back over to our house and she just pushed off the ground and put her feet on the pedals!! Yay!! She started going farther and farther and then just took off!! This first video is the first one I took- when she was still getting her feet wet! (oh- I may have dropped my camera and it has stopped focusing- so these are all blurry... sorry!)

This one was after Avery had figured some stuff out and this was when she made her first turn!

In addition to all of the fun, outdoorsy stuff- she is learning so much academically! She learned our address after having a 10 minute conversation about it, she asked me to make her a math fact worksheet, she learned Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano, and she made me a birthday card that says, "Deer Mom, Here (which I helped her spell) iz yor prezit"!! I tried to take a picture of it, but the previously mentioned broken camera is hampering my documentation!

We also had a conversation the other day about our friend Joanne's pregnancy. It went a little something like this...

Avery: When is Jo's baby gonna come?

Mom: Oh, about 5 more weeks- well I guess its really 3 weeks

Avery: Oh, so its already been two weeks?

What??? How did her crazy little math brain just figure that out? There was no pause between those sentences either- she just knew that two weeks was left over. To my non-math brain, that's amazing! Here's Avery working on her math facts!

So anyway, she is just chaning and maturing so much! It is amazing to be a part of it all!!
Sheesh! I've got so much to catch-up on! I haven't really been posting pics because I am a bit too far behind- with everything! There's Indiana visit pics, Easter, Avery taking her training wheels off, Avery riding her scooter, plus videos.... so, for now... we'll go with an easy post.

This post if for all of you who don't really believe that Oliver is as mischievious as I say (cough, cough... Leah!!) Here is Oliver thinking about stealing my phone... a ever-so-slight twinkle in his eye.... He dives in for the attack!!! Add your own caption to this one!!
"Ha, ha, ha... I'm the sneakiest!!!"

And here is why he gets away with it most of the time... the big, ole', cheesy grin!!