Our friend Kat was in the great state of Colorado last week, so we made a little trip to Co Springs to see her! What better way to visit than to go to the zoo together??!! We've now been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo more than we've been to the Denver Zoo! The views are amazing, its on a moutain, and there's a ton to do there! So we packed up the kids and the neighbors and headed off!!

Avery was finally brave enough to feed the giraffes this year!!

Baby wallaby.
Oliver's crinkled up smile with the fish in the grizzly exhibit.Ollie and a moose.And Avery's faaaaavvvorrrite!!!!! All ready to ride a pony!!Oliver is following in sister's footsteps!! His first time on a pony!!

Posing at the end of a fun day!!

Remember when Oliver would do super cute songs like this one?? Well, he's about two now, and cute things like that just don't happen!!! Here's the two-year-old version of singing Happy Birthday to Grandma!!!!

Oliver being 2 from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

Well, today was the day!!!! I can't believe our little girl is in elementary school!! She was pretty excited! I told her that I was probably going to cry and she got all mad, "mooooommmm, don't do that, I'll be embarrassed!!" So, I put on a brave face and held it together for our brave girl! This morning Oliver woke up sad. He said he was scared of a big truck in his window (he says this most days, and that he's scared of Uncle Adam... NO IDEA where that one came from!!!). But Avery was rubbing his back and said, "Oliver, its ok... when you get bigger, you'll start to understand life." Whaaa??? The life wisdom of a kindergartener!!
Ready for her big day!!
Heading up to the building with dad and Oliver.
Do a project with Daddy!!
Ta-da... I'm a kindergartener!!!!
Well, not much going on here lately. So I decided to post some really random stuff.

Here's our new car!!!! We love it! It's super fun to drive! We had it in our possession for about 36 hours before it went back into the shop and they had it for about 2 weeks! But all is well now and it was like we had another new car after such a long absence!

Look at the happy munchkins! Look at all of that extra space just waiting for visitors!! So, yeah... Oliver's been wearing these lately!!! The little Thomas bottom... it's just about too cute for words!! We're not doing anything super consistently and he's only successfully used the potty once... but he's just so cute!Playing with sister in the sandbox. Yes, she's wearing her pj's!Avery was all ready for kindergarden meet-n-greet!!! She got to go and meet her teacher and some classmates. She also got her picture taken today. Can't believe her first day is in 4 days!!! Amazing!Oliver wanted his picture taken, too!

And, here's some more of Oliver. He's quite the entertaining little fella!

Untitled from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.

The boys in this neighborhood are always trying to do these jump tricks on their skateboards. Here's Oliver's rendition....

Skateboard from Stephanie Smith on Vimeo.