Our friend Kat was in the great state of Colorado last week, so we made a little trip to Co Springs to see her! What better way to visit than to go to the zoo together??!! We've now been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo more than we've been to the Denver Zoo! The views are amazing, its on a moutain, and there's a ton to do there! So we packed up the kids and the neighbors and headed off!!

Avery was finally brave enough to feed the giraffes this year!!

Baby wallaby.
Oliver's crinkled up smile with the fish in the grizzly exhibit.Ollie and a moose.And Avery's faaaaavvvorrrite!!!!! All ready to ride a pony!!Oliver is following in sister's footsteps!! His first time on a pony!!

Posing at the end of a fun day!!

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  1. Dave, Jo, and Drew on August 25, 2010 at 7:37 AM

    I've been to the zoo with the Smith fam and know that Avery + Animals = fun! Also, remember at Conner Prairie when she kept thinking that every chicken she saw was the same one and was saying, "Oh, it's you again" to them? Ha ha!! She is so funny, and apparently so brave now too (feeding the giraffes and all). Also, I noticed you called Oliver "Ollie" for the first time in any post I've seen (or at least noticed). Are you making the switch? I like it! :)