Hello! We've moved again and we're getting quite good at it. Only one more that is going to take us to Colorado! Here is Avery saying good-bye to our apartment complex. We're so thankful for our generous friends that let us stay while they were honeymooning, but slightly glad to be back in a bigger place!

Our new home (back on Rambler Rd, funny enough) has lots of toys, a/c, a trampoline, and a karaoke machine!! Who knew how many times Avery could sing the Veggie Tales theme song in a row- it's impressive!

Well, off to bed- goodnight!
I've now tried all orientations and all sizes to see what they look like. Thanks for being my guinea pigs! Here is Avery at Jo and Dave's wedding rehersal. She was actually messing around on the stage in front of the church- quite an adventurous move for our usually shy girl!
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Here's a picture of Avery getting dressed up for church. She was really sad about something, hence the red face. She had some crazy curls that day too!
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Here's my attempt to learn about the world of picture posting. This is Avery saying 'bye-bye' to our house. She spent a lot of time running circles on this deck! She's just recently learned the art of smiling for the camera... she still has that 'forced smile' look about her!
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-the 'sport' of Muncie driving... the adventure of always knowing where the potholes are and the victorious feeling of missing them every time
-the trees and greenery
-watching my house turn from wintery yuck to flower-filled
-watching movies with Kevin
-Erin, Amy, Ek, Erica, Britt, Jo, Jill, Arnold, JB, Shu, Stoney, Abby, Jess, Liz
-my "brothers"- Dave, Kevin, and Bob
-Colts parties (even though I'll never really admit to liking football)
-friends that will come over 10 nights in a row (Dave and Jo, that means you!)
-hitting grounders
-the fact that you can always count on getting stopped by a train
-all of the friends that will babysit for me at the last minute
-Revolution worship
-Aunt Stacey and Uncle Adam
-knowing the fastest way to get most places on backroads
-the cycle of Mario Kart that happens in our home every few months
-watching Tommy, Lou, Hopey, Joshua, Gabe, Lukas, Libby, Molly, Jared, Brady, Nathaniel, Zion, Mara, Colby, Jalen, Wesley, Dylan, Taylor, and Megan grow up
-Joanne's smile as she consumes a fajita cheese crips at Carlos O'Kelly's
-Listening to Bob play any musical instrument
-van or RV trips with the team
-hearing Leah speak publicly
-Avery's swingset
-watching the team play to their potential
-the neighbors on Rambler Rd.
-day trips with Jayne
-knowing ways around town to beat the train
-driving past all of the places where Jeff and I fell in love
more to come later.....
Well, it's official!!! We have turned in our keys, moved out all of our stuff, and we are no longer residents of Rambler Rd. It was such a great house for us and all of our friends! One of our neighbors threw a dessert open house for us and the neighborhood got together last night to bid us farewell. It just reminded us of how great our neighbors are!! So now we are smooshed into our friends two bedroom apartment. It is so generous of them to let us stay here while they're on their honeymoon, but it is quite a change from our house!

Plans are coming together for the big move to Colorado. We'll keep you all posted on the timing of that. Now that all of the busy-ness of getting out of our house is over, I'm sure the emotions of leaving Muncie are going to set in. But we've got a whole month to get a ton of quality time in with people, so we'll have some good closure to our time in Muncie. See you soon!!!
Hi Friends!

Well, I'm not super techno-savy...so this is a bit experimental for me. This will be our attempt to keep you all posted on our upcoming move to Colorado and our family as we explore and get to know the Rocky Mountain state! Check back often for news and lots of Avery pictures!