Hello! We've moved again and we're getting quite good at it. Only one more that is going to take us to Colorado! Here is Avery saying good-bye to our apartment complex. We're so thankful for our generous friends that let us stay while they were honeymooning, but slightly glad to be back in a bigger place!

Our new home (back on Rambler Rd, funny enough) has lots of toys, a/c, a trampoline, and a karaoke machine!! Who knew how many times Avery could sing the Veggie Tales theme song in a row- it's impressive!

Well, off to bed- goodnight!

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  1. Susie on May 31, 2007 at 9:56 AM

    Glad to hear that you will all have some room to play before your big move. Sounds like things are moving quickly! Looking forward to your visit to AZ....careful, we might try to take over the moving truck and set you up somewhere in Scottsdale!