What a great weekend! Our final weekend as Hoosiers was spent with great friends and family enjoying Indiana! We got to have a nice double-date with the Rohlfings on Friday night and reminisce on the ride home about all of our favorite memories together! Saturday was spent at Conner Prairie learning about Indiana history! It made me want to watch Little House on the Prairie again- but we got to milk a cow, help bring in the hay, pump water from a well, play games from 1836, and throw a tomahawk! Great fun watching "Uncle Edward" (who is actually Uncle Adam, for those of you who don't know our connection to the 1800's) work the farm in Liberty Corner...

Then, I was able to stay in Indy and meet a friend for a movie, dinner, dessert, and some shopping! Leah and I had a great time finding bargains, thoroughly discussing all of our favorite parts of the movie, and enjoying good food together.

More get-togethers on Sunday as we celebrated a friend's 1st Birthday! Here is a picture of Avery and her buddies at the party! These two little guys are two of Avery's favorite playmates and she lights up whenever she gets the chance to spend time with them!

We really have felt so treasured this weekend with all of the dinners and memories shared this weekend! We have always known that leaving our community here will be the hardest part of our move. As we begin our last week in Muncie, we are beginning to feel an extreme sadness that the intimacy of our friends and memories is nearing an end. The richness that comes from knowing people for years will soon be a feeling we will be longing for.

To all of you who share that richness with us, we hope you know that leaving you is very, very difficult. We probably won't miss the potholes, the plethora of fast food restaurants, or even our home on Rambler Rd. But we will greatly miss the fun, the support, the community, the book studies, the music, the movies, the play dates, the neighbors, the serving together, the comfort, the healing, the hugs, the dinners, the Sunday lunches, the sports, and the love we've experienced from and with all of you for the past 13 years.

And now on to the busyness that this week will bring... Jeff wrapping up school, Steph wrapping up at Taylor, packing a truck, and the heart-wrenching final goodbye's...
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  1. j.ro on June 4, 2007 at 5:48 AM

    we must have been up together blogging into the wee hours of the night -- or you had a very early morning (i had both!) We had so much fun reminicing together friday night and hangin' some with the fam on sunday! and of course we'll g-r-e-a-t-l-y miss you all too!!