Hi all,
Here's another one of these entries from Steph into a photo contest hosted by a site called iHeartFaces. The contest this week has the theme of "wonder", and it made Steph think of this old pic of Avery, the first time she ever discovered Fall.

This is how happy this Smith family was this weekend!!! Erin was in town! And, extra bonus, Amy came in town too! Amy had lots of other plans too, but we got to see her first!
We got to eat out a lot and talk, talk, talk! Erin and I used to see each other every day at work. But we haven't been able to talk much lately- we keep catching each other on the phone with only 5 minutes available to chat. So, this weekend was great! We got all caught up! Avery LOVES Erin, so she was beside herself with excitement! There was a lot of Candyland...
Erin brought Avery a present... here they are trying it on!Here's Erin and Oliver. He met her in Indiana for about 10 minutes in the fall. He wasn't quite sure about her at first, but he warmed up quickly!!Now they're best buddies!!
We were able to enjoy some serious outside play time today! Oliver doesn't often get to come out, but today he got to watch Avery riding her bike and scooter while snuggling with Amy!!

Here is the last in my long line of mega posting! Avery and I joined some neighbors at Smuckers Stars on Ice last night! She loved it! It was really fun to see her awe and amazement at their tricks and jumps! I took a lot of pictures of her and I because I'm trying to take more of us with our kids and not just the kids! So, here's us before our girl date!
Self-portrait in our seats... waiting for the excitement to begin!Still waiting....Here's a video of Avery loving the music! She has a long history of freaking out in unpredictable environments. So, I was slightly concerned that she might not enjoy it. Thankfully, she's grown out of some of her need for controlling her environment and is able to have fun at stuff like this! This wasn't an isolated event. She pretty much danced the whole time!

Oliver is continuing to sprout right before our very eyes! He's always shivering in his baby bath, so we decided to move him to the big bath. He can sort of sit with minimal assistance- sometimes. So, we cushioned up the bath seat and let him at it!! He wasn't quite sure what was happening, but he didn't shiver!

Here's Avery working hard on her Valentines for her classmates. She's doing so good with her writing! You can see how she wrote her name! She is really loving figuring out the sounds in words right now. We can't believe how good she is at it!Some more of Avery dancing! If we told you how much time she spends running back and forth from the kitchen to the couch, you might not believe it! Sometimes she's "ballerinaing", sometimes she's ice skating, sometimes she's doing gymnastics. Whichever one it is, she spends a lot of her day doing this. Gotta love winter!
No way this little peanut is ready for solid foods, right?? Avery was a over a month older before we even tried with her! But, she was looong sleeping through the night by this point also... and guess who isn't?? That's right. This angelic little face is still blessing us with some extra snuggle and eating time at 3 or 4 am. Grrrr... So, its time for Oliver. It took him a while to pick up on the concept, but he's got it down pat now. Veggies are just around the corner!
Here's Oliver all prepped and ready to go! He looks thrilled, doesn't he?
These pictures make him look like a total pro. It wasn't as smooth as it looks!Aunt Stacey and Grandma and Grandpa Davis all came for Avery's birthday! It was so fun to have them all here! I really need to get better about documenting people with my children... so here are the only pictures I got! Oliver helping Aunt Stacey with her Sudoku...
Avery having lap time with both grandma and grandpa! She was choosing to have a very sassy face here. If you look hard enough, you can see her fighting off the smile. stinker.
Ok, its time for a little catch-up. Avery's party was a while ago, and it was a blast! Pretty traditional- pin the tail on the donkey, pinata, freeze dancing, cake, presents and we were done! Quick and painless. She loved the horse theme, of course!!
Here's Avery decorating for the party...

Waiting for her guests to arrive...Cake and candles blowing...Opening presents!
Hi all,
This isn't really a blog post in our traditional sense, but instead it's an entry into a photo contest. (Steph wants me to clarify that she knows we're not really good photographers, but that she just thinks this is a cool website, and she likes entering contests.)
So the contest is hosted by a site called iHeartFaces , and the contest this week has to do with silly faces. Steph remembered a group of pics that I took a couple years ago, where Avery was making funny faces. (It was fun to look back at how little she was. She's changed soooooo much, and is such a big girl now.) Here's the best one...