No way this little peanut is ready for solid foods, right?? Avery was a over a month older before we even tried with her! But, she was looong sleeping through the night by this point also... and guess who isn't?? That's right. This angelic little face is still blessing us with some extra snuggle and eating time at 3 or 4 am. Grrrr... So, its time for Oliver. It took him a while to pick up on the concept, but he's got it down pat now. Veggies are just around the corner!
Here's Oliver all prepped and ready to go! He looks thrilled, doesn't he?
These pictures make him look like a total pro. It wasn't as smooth as it looks!Aunt Stacey and Grandma and Grandpa Davis all came for Avery's birthday! It was so fun to have them all here! I really need to get better about documenting people with my children... so here are the only pictures I got! Oliver helping Aunt Stacey with her Sudoku...
Avery having lap time with both grandma and grandpa! She was choosing to have a very sassy face here. If you look hard enough, you can see her fighting off the smile. stinker.