UPDATE: So there really are videos there. I promise. I know it doesn't look like it and videos on blogger have been goofy lately. But really- they're there. Can you see them?

He is turning into such a silly, quirky little fella! Keep in mind, that the only way we are able to catch these on video is because he spends several minutes doing each move!! So the fact that he was doing this for 15 minutes, is just funny! He would put the cans down, squish his head between the two cans, lay still minute, then get up and say, "funny!!"

This is when we call him the Long Jumper. He'll run and do this over and over and over and over! Silly! He only said "dinosaur" like this for a day, so I'm glad we caught it!! (sorry about the whole sideways video thing again... don't know why I keep doing that)

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  1. Stacey on February 27, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    Jack was quite entertained by these earlier! He even said "Oliver" a couple of times (with our prompting.) Then he said "I can't wait to play with my cousins in a few weeks!" It sounded a lot like "Bah blah da da", but I knew what he meant. I hope Oliver can teach Jack his long jumping skills while he's here!