The stellar career of Avery playing baseball has begun!!! Unfortunately, she's not been around for a much of the season, but the one game she did play in was really fun!!! She didn't get a chance to attend any of the practices either, so her first game was a bit of a surprise for her! Here she is at first base, before the first play of the game.

Of course, the first play was the only time a ball actually was thrown all the way to first base and Avery's strengths don't fall into the "catching" category! She got nailed in the chest and was super sad!
So this was Avery after she calmed down... happily far away from the action in centerfield!!!! Still ready though! And she did get a couple of balls out there!Running the bases!!! And, of course since I tried the blogger video again, I can't see which video is which... but I think this is Avery's first hit!!! And the next video is her 2nd hit! Enjoy!!!