Most of you will probably think these videos are super boring because it is much of the same from the last post. But THIS time she was in a real Horse Show! Well, sort of. It was a schooling show- so everything is a bit more relaxed and the expectation is learning and not winning. Though, it turns out, that is hard for the female component of the Smith Family!

You see, Avery received a ribbon for "Best Smile". Which is a consolation prize so everyone gets a ribbon. She's happy as a clam, but she did ask, "Does this mean I did better than everyone else or worse than everyone else?" I did not take the bait though and just told her that the judges just thought she had the best smile!! And I- being the source of all of Avery's competitiveness- stewed over it for the next 2 days trying to figured out what she could have done differently! (stewing over something that I know NOTHING about) Ridiculous, I realize!!

So here is her ribbon-winning ride!! ;) And some pics thrown in for good measure!

Avery is on the little pony- not the big white horse!

Lined up in the middle at the end- she looks so small!

Riding out with her ribbon.

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  1. mer@lifeat7000feet on March 19, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Hi Steph...thanks so much for your comment! We live in Monument, so not too far from you! I love meeting other Colorado bloggers. Are you a CO native?

    I still haven't caved on Pinterest--glad I'm not alone!

    Nice to "meet" you!