Well everyone, we're settled into the hospital, and the pitocin is drippin', and Steph's feeling contractions. She was only dilated to 2.5cm when we began the pitocin at 7:30ish this morning, but it's been working its magic for a few hours now, and now things are getting pretty darned uncomfortable for her. I think that's actually a good think, though, since it hopefully means that she's dilating more and more. (I think the doctor's going to check her progress again soon.

We'll try to let you know if there's an update, but for now we're just watching TV and playing on the computer, and hanging out and hoping for new info from the doctors/nurses.

(Also, just so you know, we're experiencing some issues logging onto our blog, so Adam is updating for us via e-mails to him. So this process of getting info out to our adoring public might not run as smoothly as we had hoped.)