Apparently I'm feeling picture happy this morning. This post if choc-ful-o-pics!! We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday on Jeff's Fall Break (his one day of fall break- everyone else around here gets at least a week!). Good time was had by all!

Oliver got to play with rocks... so he was pretty happy!
That, and barking at ALL animals and playing pumpkin drums was just about all Oliver needed to have a good day! He also spent a lot of time shouting "ball" at the acres and acres of pumpkins. Here Oliver is barking at a cow.Pumpkin drums...Enjoying the wagon ride with the fam...Finding our perfect pumpkin!Avery lovin' the barrel train. She rode it twice!The highlight of the day for Avery was when we were nearby when the ponies arrived to begin pony rides. She got to watch them unload and then the sweetest little kids let her help get one of the ponies ready!!! She got to brush it and help put the blanket on! She was so excited! I think she won them over with her little stable shirt that has a flap on it- when you open it, there is a horse inside! It's her favorite shirt!!

Petting and brushing her new buddy...
Helping put on the blanket. Seriously, these kids could not have been nicer to her! They kept telling her what a good helper she was and asking her all sorts of questions about her love for horses!Avery with her favorite horse in the background. Looks like Trigger liked Avery too!Avery and Trigger!Wooooaaaa!!!
We headed home... a good day was had by all!!!!


  1. Stacey on October 17, 2009 at 2:24 PM

    Looks like a great time!! Makes me think we should have hit a pumpkin patch today, rather than sitting around,bored, at our house all day. Is Avery really sleeping in that last photo? Sorta looks like she's faking it :)

  2. on October 18, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    you know how i love those photo stories!

    i can hear oliver barking and it makes me smile.

    and love the pic of trigger lookin at avery ;o)