This has been a very snowy October! We just had another huge storm- I'm not sure how much snow we actually got- I've heard some say 23 inches, some say 19 inches, and some say 14. So, I think it was between 16 and 18 inches at our house. Here is our grill in the back! The snow on the railing that is starting to bend over...
Avery ready for some fun!
Heading off to sled with her buddy!
Avery had two days off school. Jeff had a day and a half and the elementary schools around here at 3 days off! So on the first day we had a little impromptu Snow Day Celebration! A lot of our neighbors work in the school system, so they all came over for coffee, cocoa, and cookies! Video games were played by the older boys, the little kids ran around like crazy people, and the adults enjoyed some snacks! It was really fun! Here are the neighbors enjoying each other's company!!
Thankfully, today was sunny, so most of the sidewalks and driveways are melted already!!! Should make for an interesting Halloween tomorrow!


  1. on October 31, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    i'm lovin' the snow on your deck rails! way to celebrate the snow!!

  2. Carolyn on November 9, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    that's amazing and really hard to believe that this just happened! even though it depresses me to think that winter is pretty much here...i absolutely love impromptu snow days!