Oliver is officially a month old now and we thought we'd put some more pics up and talk a bit about what he's like.

He doesn't do a whole lot... basically eats, stays awake for a bit and "plays" and then sleeps. The first two and a half weeks, we thought we had hit the newborn jackpot... amazing sleeper, eater and really- a piece of cake! Then he may have hit a growth spurt and was pretty intense for a while. He seems to have gone back to "normal" and is pretty content most of the time. We'll see!

Jeff's convinced that he knows how to socially smile already. I don't think that's supposed to happen until a bit later... but it's tough to say. He really seems to smile at appropriate times and not just when he's got a full belly! Here's what I refer to as his "alien smile". He looks like he's got a bizarrely shaped head in this pic...

Here's Oliver sleeping peacefully. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be too fond of taking naps in his crib. So lately, he's been sleeping quite a bit in his bouncy seat and swing. I should probably be more dedicated to getting him in his crib... someday soon, I suppose!
Here's Avery playing school with Oliver. She's teaching him about colors, taking roll, and reading him this story. Oliver responded by falling asleep... hopefully not an early indicator of his feelings toward education.
Here's a less alien-like smile.
I was trying to capture his pretty brown eyes, but its just him sitting on his play mat.
Look at this little cutie!! He's about to enjoy some swinging... can't you see the excitement in his eyes?Avery's doing pretty well. She loves when he smiles and I love when she talks to Oliver. She always calls him "boy" which cracks me up. She says it sing-songy and with a bit of an accent. We have been getting this look quite a bit...
Definitely some discipline issues and some "listening" issues... but it seems like its just her adjusting to splitting time and attention. She loves Oliver and doesn't seem to be taking her frustrations out on him.
Overall, he seems to be pretty laid-back. We already have a kid with my personality- so hopefully this one has Jeff's! I'm not sure we can handle another mini-me!!!
The Indiana trip is right around the corner... so let's be sure we're making plans, friends!!!


  1. Stacey on October 6, 2008 at 8:49 AM

    Happy 1 month of life, Oliver! Isn't it so fun to see them smile? Jack gave Adam & me some "social smiles" last week for the 1st time :) So, plans for Muncie..Union Chapel is having their fall festival on the Friday you'll be here, so if you want to pack some cute kid costumes, we could round up some of your mommy-friends & kids, and go get some candy! Can't wait till your arrival!

  2. Jo on October 8, 2008 at 10:01 AM

    What great pictures!! Oliver looks so cute and I can't wait to meet him. And Avery....oh my....I can see her making the same face at age 16! :) Can't wait to see you all so soon!!!

  3. James M on October 12, 2008 at 11:35 AM

    looking forward to seeing you guys!

  4. Susie on October 21, 2008 at 5:22 PM

    They are both adorable! He looks so much like an "Oliver!" Perfect name choice....I love it! Avery is precious. Although those faces may not be appealing to you at all times, they sure are cute to everyone else! Any plans for another yet?? Hee hee...