Oh sad superman baby... Mommy is so mean. You were happily playing with the remote...And mommy was playing with your cape, making you look like superman...And then, since the "up" button doesn't work and all channel surfing must start at channel 98 and go down, mommy took the remote away... sad super-baby...
Let's move on to another photo story... shall we?? (apparently this post is dedicated to Jayne since she loves photo stories)
The Stair Master...
I love the look on Oliver's face here... he's gonna git those stairs...
Hi Mama!! Aren't I brave?? I'm a little tricky!OK, I have to concentrate.
He hasn't actually gotten up a stair yet, but it's not going to be long... he's a determined little guy!
This picture doesn't really have a story. Avery wanted to hold Oliver and I thought it was funny how different their coloring is!
More pictures of the kids playing together! Here's Oliver "getting" Avery!I just love Avery's look in this picture! She's just looking so lovingly at him and enjoying the moment!Just to wrap it all up, here are some tooth pictures!


  1. Stacey on May 15, 2009 at 6:22 AM

    1) What is that giant, house looking thing behind SuperBaby?
    2) Oliver looks even brown-er than normal in the stair photos...did he sit out in the sun too long? It is quite amazing how differently colored A & O are!
    3) I'm so jealous he has Colts pjs.
    4) I have the cutest niece & nephew EVER!!!

  2. j.ro on May 15, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    thanks for the shout out ;o) i was already planning my comment after i saw that about how much i love your photo stories ... but you already knew that!