Avery's had some good stuff going on lately, so I thought I'd update y'all! The pictures are all sort of random, so I'll just write out some stuff...

She finally passed a level in swim lessons! This is the first time she's actually advanced a level. She took a few rounds of swim lessons last year but we stopped due to lack of progress/a certain someone's extreme stubborn-ness. So, we started this summer and again, she just won't do something unless she knows all of the possible outcomes. It's quite impressive really- her resolve to stay safe. Anyway, after we got back from Arizona (where we swam every day) something clicked and she was a swimming all-star! So she actually got to move up a level!

She had her first sleepover! Her little buddy came over last weekend and they had so much fun giggling until the wee hours! They were up until 11:45!! I can't imagine how late she'll stay up when she's a teenager!

She has been so good at playing independently lately! It's so fun to listen to the worlds she creates! She has not historically been good- AT ALL- at playing by herself. But I think the addition of some hand-me-down Barbies has changed her world! I love it! It's hard to catch her in these worlds because she always wants to ham it up for the camera. But the video below is one where she didn't know I was taping her! I think she's acting out the audition scene from High School Musical with her own, original, "princessy", musical number!

Finally, she started soccer again! This time its outdoor- which means she gets to wear cleats!!! They've got a pink swoosh! Here are some pictures! I love this first one! I think she looks like a total bad a--!!! The only explanation I can offer for this one is that the first time she put on her soccer stuff she said, "I feel like a cool girl!!" and then struck this pose! This is the second week and she's still feelin' like a cool girl, apparently!!!Ok, here are some pictures of Avery being...Avery!!! So she said she was going to look for something in the garage. I heard this banging around and she was gone for a while. I peeked in and this is what she was doing. I think we had been watching softball on tv recently... so she said she was doing her hitting (in her pj's and flip-flops). Note the batting helmet she put on..."because that's what the softball girls do"!Around the same time (of softball watching) she found this visor from when she was a baby. I think its a 12 month size! But she really wanted to wear it to be like the softball girls- and since my heart was doing leaps and twirls on the inside- I couldn't deny her a visor!!!Yeah- so here she is washing her playhouse dishes, in the baby pool, while wearing her helmet, a sparkly dress-up top, and a tutu. Enough said.Making a silly face at dinner...And still lovin' on her baby brother!!!


  1. j.ro on August 25, 2009 at 5:56 AM

    i cannot believe those curls! so beautiful!

    avery you are a girl after my own heart. spinning, twirling, making up HSM moves ... u rock!

    and, steph, could she be any more athletic like you! holy cow!

  2. kelly dwyer on August 26, 2009 at 9:19 AM

    good thing she has the helmet on in the pool. you can never be too safe!

  3. Stacey on August 27, 2009 at 3:56 AM

    These are all so very awesome! I think she has a great mix of girly-girl princess-ness and sporty-girl-ness going on. I, too, appreciate her passion for safety at all times. And, of course, she's a great big sister (though Oliver does look a little startled..it's still a super cute photo!)

  4. M. Wayman on August 31, 2009 at 8:57 AM

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  5. M. Wayman on August 31, 2009 at 9:00 AM

    I love this post.... the picture of Avery in her tutu, sparkle top and helmet is awesome. I was always a girly girl who loved sports, I can relate. Avery is such a beautiful young lady!