Finally, we've got the obligitory leaf pictures for the fall!!! This raking didn't really result in the actual picking up of any leaves, just jumping- and Avery has perfected "swimming" in the leaves! Hopefully we'll get them up before it snows! They were just so darn excited, I took a lot of pictures... so get ready!!

At this point, they were pretty much done jumping and had moved on to burying each other. Little cuties... but seriously, Oliver... what is with that smile??
The first jump!!!
Now Ollie's starting to get into it!!

I love Oliver's face in this one... having such fun! And yes, Avery IS, in fact, wearing pink cowboy boots!

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  1. on November 11, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    LOVE these! can't wait to hug on those cuties (and you!) also, LOVE that Avery is part of the Saddle Club!