Can you believe Oliver is 3?? Amazing!!! When we were doing some scouting shopping trips (to see what sort of toys he wants to ask for) he kept asking for toys that were too old for him. So we talked about the age listed on the box... he then kept asking "what number do you have to be for that one???!!!" And when the answer was 3, he would shout "THAT'S GOING TO BE MY NUMBER!!!!". It was a pretty humorous process!

So Oliver was pretty excited about his new number! He was also REALLY excited about his party! He was watching our neighbor and me making the capes for about 3 weeks, so he couldn't wait to share them with his friends! So, on with the onslaught of pictures!

Up first- Party Day! Oliver and Daddy, all ready for the party in their superhero shirts!
The first event of the party was the treasure hunt. Captain Bad Guy (whom you'll meet later) stole all of my treasure and threw it all over the backyard! So the kids got their capes and their superman bags and went hunting!Then, Captain Bad Guy was spotted!!! He was wreaking havoc in the front yard- luckily, we were ready with our superman water balloons!

This picture captured a pretty funny moment. The little boy right at the bottom of the picture had just run and thrown a balloon at Captain Bad Guy. I'm not sure what happened but somehow Jeff (I mean Captain Bad Guy) used his name. He was running back to get another balloon, screeched in his tracks, whipped around and said, "Captain Bad Guy, DO YOU KNOW ME????" *giggle*Not a super picture, but didn't those capes turn out amazing??? And isn't O's hair getting sooooo curly???!!! OK, the capes. My neighbor is an excellent seamstress. So I found an online tutorial for making capes and I took a stroll over to the neighbor's house! I have ZERO sewing experience/skill. She taught me how to buy material, how to cut stuff out, how to sew a semi straight line, how to stick patterns on- and then she did all of the really hard stuff!!! But I LOVED watching all of the kids running around with their capes!!Ok, after the Captain Bad Guy take down, it was time to brave hot lava, cross the shark infested ocean, crawl through the tunnel of darkness, bounce through a mountain range, climb the snowy peak, rescue the stolen gem, and slide down the natural rockslide. (Fancy code for an obstacle course) Here's O braving the hot lava...Braving the shark infested waters...Then it was present time! I call this the montage of Steph's ridiculous faces.
An excellent time was had by all!!! On Tuesday, his actual birthday, we opened all of the presents from family members. Wow- this is one lucky kid! His pile was HUGE!!! You'll notice that Oliver is blurry in most of the present opening pictures- there was usually bouncing and yelling involved!! He apparently really likes getting new toys! First a Batcave from Grandpa and Grandma Smith.

Then, a Batmobile from mom and dad. He kept yelling MONSTER TRUCK!!!! It pops up and has big wheels, so I guess it looks like a monster truck.

Then a cool tool bench!!
Oh this face!! I was reading him a card and he had his arms crossed with this silly look on his face. I think he was enduring the card until he could go play with his new toys. He did say after I was done reading, "hmm, that's nice."