Hey There! Not much exciting going on around here. We've been spending our time this week trying to figure out how to become official residents of the state by acquiring our licenses and registrations. It's really an impressive process. I'll try and keep this boring story short, but there are some details worth mentioning.
1. The licensing, emissions testing, and registering all take place at different locations... huh.
2. I picked up my # in line to get my license at 11am. My number got called at 2:45pm. Woa.
3. It costs $12 for someone to come out and look at your car's VIN number. Really?

We also got new phone numbers this week, so if you didn't get an e-mail about that, let me know. It wasn't on purpose, it just means you're not in my address book. Doesn't mean we don't love you, just means we must not e-mail very much or something.

Jeff went to a school orientation this week. Lots of info and paperwork. The one major revelation is that we both got a little shocked about our finances. We knew it was going to be a tough stretch for us, but crunching some actual numbers was quite scary!! So, if you think of us in your prayers, we'd love for you to lift us up... specifically that we'd learn financial discipline (so far, we've not been living very disciplined- better than Indiana, but not great) and that God would provide us with some awesome jobs! Thanks, friends!

Speaking of jobs... we had lunch with a friend who does Chemistry tutoring in the area. She said there's always a need for physics tutors and Jeff got pretty excited about that possibility. He'll be pursuing that soon! I got an e-mail from a guy who owns a hitting facility and said they're looking for softball instructors. Seems like he's a bit hard to nail down, so hopefully it will work out. I think I'd enjoy being involved with softball still. I did start my job at The Children's Place. Only worked one day so far... people seem nice. I worked on baby socks the whole time. I made a beautiful display of socks!

We've been working on potty training with Avery! We're not fully into it yet- as in wearing underwear all day, but she sits on the potty quite often. I think she's staring to get when she's going now, just not that second before she has to go! She's really into being a 'big girl' now... in fact, she hit Erica's daughter for calling her little! She had a big scowl on her face! You could tell she felt really passionate about being a 'big girl' because she really doesn't usually stand up for herself. Don't worry, she got disciplined for it!

Anyway, sorry for a post of such mundane details! Here are some pics of Avery playing. Being goofy at the table, having some painting time with mommy (where we couldn't find her paints, so we used acrylic paint!! Yikes!! No damage done though. I was feeling quite brave that day.) And sliding with daddy- sporting her new hair-do of one ponytail. She's soo big!!

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  1. j.ro on July 13, 2007 at 12:12 PM

    okay, that is quite an impressive licence process.

    somehow i missed that you got that job at children's place. sure wish i could see that display of socks!

    tutoring sounds awesome ...

    and we love our one of kind avery paintings. she's really got something goin' there!

    love you!!!

  2. Camp on July 17, 2007 at 9:18 PM

    coach it makes my day to picture you making a children's socks pyramid at your new job. i love it.