Hi all. This is Jeff, giving it my first shot at blogging. I decided I needed to finally jump on this bandwagon, if for nothing else than to keep you all updated, since the Children's Place has stolen my wife from me. (She started working last Thursday, and then worked six of the next seven days, accruing 41 hours of paid work! Whew! Talk about going from zero to sixty in terms of how bored and aimless we had been feeling.)

So anyway, as the title of this indicates, I've got some bathroom-related news for you all: Avery just went "poop on the potty" for the first time. We've let her believe that she's accomplished this feat before, but without my getting too graphic, let me just say that this was the first time she really got it done, and MAN did she get it done! So this first picture is a very proud Avery posing with her potty, favorite toilet-training book, and kitty-cat pez dispenser that rewards her after she goes. (She got two pieces of candy for this big success!)

In non-potty news, our past week has been a little more full, with Steph working and me trying to hold down the fort. We've been able to hang out with Garner and Erica and their kiddos a couple times, and that has been nice. They came over yesterday, and Avery had a great time with Lauren and Ella!

The only other action going on is that Avery attended her very first movie, like at a big theater! We went this afternoon and saw Surf's Up at a cheap theater, and it was actually a really cute little movie. Avery was totally entranced the whole time, eating popcorn and making comments about the little surfing penguins. It was super fun!(Though it's just another reminder of how she's getting so big, so fast.) On our drive home, Steph asked Avery if she liked the movie, and Avery responded with, "Like it? I loved it!" Our daughter is a pretty funny little girl sometimes.

I'll leave you with another cute pic of Avery enjoying a homemade smoothie-popsicle that she and Mommy made the other day. (Note: Don't try using up your extra cantaloupe in a smoothie. Weird!)


  1. j.ro on July 21, 2007 at 12:15 AM

    awwww, i miss you guys! avery is getting sooooo big! look at those curls and they're actually getting so long. i love that last pic!

    went shopping on the clearance rack at children's place today steph and thought of you and what great deals you're probably getting!

  2. adam on July 21, 2007 at 4:51 AM

    Sounds like you're having lots of fun! I miss the cheap theater here in Muncie... But I miss you guys so much more!!!!! I wish I still had some of my Pez dispensers so they could be used for potty-training-encouragement. Oh, well...give my super cute niece a hug from me :)I love you all! (oh, and this is Stacey, not Adam!)

  3. knicksgrl0917 on July 21, 2007 at 8:37 AM

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  4. Cindy P on July 23, 2007 at 3:58 PM

    just got a chance to catch up on your blog today. We were on vacation. I am so sad I missed you all during your AZ visit...but I understand how that is and quick visits. Maybe next time. Our little girl is getting big and getting curls too...but not as big as your little Avery nor as many curls. Avery is such a doll. Ours turned 1 in June and is doing great as a toddler.

    I appreciate your blog it sure helps to keep up on everything. We will pray for success with jobs and finances. Steph, might consider the book business I am doing...easy to do and can have some good earning potential. Let me know if you are interested in learning more. Great for earning some extra income or running a full flex at home business. I love it!

    And hopefully we can come visit sometime.

    In our thoughts and prayers, Cindy, Dave and Alina

  5. sarah on July 23, 2007 at 6:36 PM

    i miss you guys a lot a lot a lot. i'm glad that Steph got a job (I wish I could've seen the baby sock display...) and that Avery pooped in her potty! I wish Bob and I could come and visit right now. Yesterday Bob asked, "If we get married, can we have people over to our house to watch all the football games?" and I thought of you and how much we miss spending time with you, and how the Colts won't be as exciting without you.