I know you all have been checking your computers daily for a potty-training update from Avery... so here it is, your dreams realized!!

Well, after a ridiculously successful first week where she had zero accidents, we've had a bit of a back-slide. We think much of it comes from us trusting Avery's skills too much and not making her sit on the potty more regularly. We've been asking her if she needs to go, but she's unwilling to stop playing to go potty. So for her, the thrill is gone also! She still loves getting pez when she uses the potty, but not enough to stop playing. We'll definitely spare you the gory details, but we've had a few accidents of both kinds.

Tomorrow brings a sense of renewed commitment on behalf of mama and daddy, and much success ahead.

Here's a fun story for you. The other day I (Steph) had to work and Jeff and Avery decided to come and visit me and share dinner with me. After dinner, I rushed back to work and they played at the stuffed animal/beany baby kiosk outside our store. A few minutes later, a woman approached Jeff and said she had a gift for Avery. She was watching her playing with all of the stuffed animals and just thought she was so cute! She apparently only had grandsons and never gets to buy anything girly. So, she bought Avery a stuffed pink kitty that she saw her playing with! She said she loved her curls and just wanted to do something nice! Isn't that amazing???! She loves it, of course (I'm not sure if we've kept you updated on the amount of games we play that include her stuffed animals, but its quite amazing- hide and seek, chase, tackle, night-night, and about 10 different games with her choo-choo ball- she's really psycho about stuffed animals right now!) and it continually reminds me of such a neat act of kindness.

Not much else is new... work is fine, Jeff goes back to school next week- he's pretty pumped. Avery will go through her yearly daddy withdrawl (as will mommy!). The grandparents are all getting ready for some visits soon- my parents are coming next weekend and Jeff's the following week! So, Avery will get plenty of love in the coming weeks! :)

Hope everyone is doing great... don't forget to leave comments- we love them!!!


  1. Stacey on August 10, 2007 at 5:30 AM

    It's awesome that a stranger bought Avery a present! How neat! I hope you have fun with all the parents coming to visit...I'm anxious for Thanksgiving, so I can visit, too!

  2. James on August 10, 2007 at 6:57 AM

    very fun story!

  3. Jo on August 10, 2007 at 8:56 AM

    I love how Avery has admirers every where she goes...even strangers who are so delighted by her curls and personality that they're compelled to give her things!! That's awesome!