Well, here is the update on Avery! Most of you know her and so this statement won't shock you at all. Avery is a girl who likes to be around people. All of the time. If at all possible, those people would be mom and dad engaged in playing with her. Unless the Backyardigans is on. I suppose we should take that as a compliment- that the only thing that can trump time with mom and dad is an unidentifiable creature named Uniqua. But ya know, it doesn't feel like a compliment. It has been wearing on us lately. I mean geesh... we really, really, really love her and think she's got an awesome personality... but man, she asks "will you play with me" about 600 times per day. The last few weeks have been tough. "High need" would be an understatement.

So, here are some examples of her actually playing independently over the last several weeks. We've had to work hard to make these times happen, so maybe I'd like to blog about them just to prove that they've happened!

Still waaay into coloring! Note that she's coloring horses. There is going to be an intense theme with her playing in the next several pictures.Making a parade on the deck with her horses...She recently re-discovered her blocks. It started with building castles. I believe she's currently standing in the garden. Of the castle. Can't you tell??Then, thanks to daddy, it morphed. Now, it's all about building a stage. For the horses. Note the audience in the background. She really is the best big sister ever! You can tell by how Oliver looks at her that she is his FAVORITE person ever! She can make him smile and laugh better than anyone! She's really helpful with getting him toys and trying to calm him down when he's fussy. It's awesome!

She's really into learning her letters and letter sounds right now. She loves trying to sound things out. I think she'll be reading in no time! She hasn't quite figured out rhyming... yesterday she was happily munching her chicken nuggets and said, "did you know that chicken comes from chicken?? (then she gasps) Hey!!! chicken, chicken... that rhymes!!!" Then we tried to have a lesson about how the same word doesn't rhyme, it's just the same word. "No, one word is a food and the other word is an animal." Can't argue with that logic!

Jeff's spring break is next week. Our only plans are to hang around and not do much of anything! Jeff's got some house projects planned (I think) and it will just be a week filled with family time! Oh boy!! I wonder how many games of hide-n-seek we'll play??


  1. j.ro on March 19, 2009 at 4:35 AM

    i love her rhyming logic!

    and, your pictures are getting better and better. that first horse picture is great. i can tell you've been spending time on that photography site ;o) you'll be winning prizes in no time!

  2. Stacey on March 19, 2009 at 7:21 AM

    Won't it be awesome when Oliver can play with Avery? It will be perfect - since she is already his FAVORITE, he'll want to play all the time with her, and since she always wants someone to play with, he can fill that role (instead of you or Jeff) The photos are wonderful...I really like the parade on the deck!