This is one of those rare "Jeff Actually Contributes to This Blog Too" entries into our Smith Family Happenings blog. I've been inspired to write a quick post because my daughter is, to put it simply, the best new little tumbling girl I know. When I got home from school today, Steph told me that Avery had fun at tumbling class today, and that she learned to do a summersault/somersault (both spellings are accepted, apparently) on her own, going over some sort of pommel-horse thing to help support her. So anyway, when Avery woke up I put down a bunch of blankets on top of each other to make her a little 'gym mat', and thought I could be inventive with some kind of pommel-horse substitute.

But as soon as I told her what the blankets were for, she started to try a somersault without any help... and SHE DID IT!!! Maybe this isn't such an amazing feat for many of you, but I was astounded and thought some video would capture the moment nicely.

This is the best little video of about a half hour's worth. She enjoyed the process immensely. And I think her little bow is pretty stinkin' cute too. She's been doing that lately- we think as a byproduct of her love for the Little Einsteins.

I don't think there's any other big news around here. I just finished up with Arapahoe homecoming week. which impacted the schooldays a lot more than I was used to at Pendleton. It was a fun but hectic week, and now things are back to normal. Steph's asked her Children's Place managers not to schedule her for quite so many hours, so we've actually seen each other for several evenings in a row, which has been a nice change.

I'll leave you with a picture of Avery in one of her favorite activities- playing with water outside our front door. She's spent quite a few hours getting wet like this over the course of this summer.

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  1. on September 19, 2007 at 5:29 PM

    little miss mary lou is so cute! that bow is a perfect ending to her somersualting ...

    steph you must teach her the hands up olympic stance ... i've seen yours in action and you're a pro!

    louie is addicted to little einsteins too!