Hey Folks!! Many of you know that the end of September brings our beloved Jeff's birthday! I thought it would be a great present to fly one of his great friends from Indiana out to Colorado!!! Bob T. was the lucky one- we've been plotting and planning since sometime in August! I got the Davis Family in on the surprise and we pulled it off! We decided it would be fun to have Bob and Jeff talking on the phone while Jeff was driving home from school. Jeff would then walk in and see Bob sitting in our living room and be all confused and surprised. Well Jeff, being the good hubby he is, didn't want to be talking on the phone when he came home because he thought I had a "big surprise" in the works and didn't want to ruin it! So sweet! So he got off the phone right before he walked in, and here's what happened after that!

It was great! He was stunned most of the evening! The real kicker is that the surpriser also got surprised!! When I picked Bob up at the airport he says, "oh, I brought a surprise" and then proceeds to stand there for a second. I looked at his bags to see if he was going to pull something out of them... and look back at Bob... and then.... this girl runs up!!!!!!

What a shock!!! I just kept yelling, "what are you doing here????" in a very high-pitched tone!! It was sooo exciting! It has been so much fun showing them where we live and enjoying our old friends!!! Avery has been eating it up! Jo and Bob are the first people she asks about in the morning!! She'll be sad to learn that early tomorrow, Jo is going back to Indiana. What a fun visit, though!
This is just another little gem... a select few of you will recognize this pose... the remotes, the look of concentration, the look of semi-frustration... that's right- we broke out Mario Kart today. It felt like memory lane! We haven't played since we've been here, but it was fun to remember all of the fun times we had in Indiana playing this silly game!
For those of you who don't quite know, Jo and I won't have to say good-bye for long. Avery and I are coming to Indiana in early October. We'll be hitting the campus of TU and watching some awesome softball and just enjoying our friends in Upland, Muncie, Crawfordsville, and Indy! So look us up!


  1. Beth on September 28, 2007 at 4:19 AM

    Yay for great friends!!!

  2. Kelly on September 28, 2007 at 9:14 PM

    Early Oct is also late next week!! fun times!! Se you guys for lunch!

  3. sarah b on October 7, 2007 at 2:45 PM

    Hurray!! Thanks for posting the video. Happy belated birthday, Jeff!!