So Erin and Tyler came to visit! Unfortunately we had to shoo them off early because we decided to get out of town early to beat a big snow storm! But here is Erin coloring with Oliver. She doesn't look super enthused, but its so cute that Oliver was coloring! Oliver snoozing with his favorite babysitter (and monkey and kitty cat!)
Avery at her preschool Christmas party.
Oliver has learned the art of hiding! All we have to say is "where's Oliver?" and he'll run to this little nook and hide. He's very tricky!

Awwww.... Oliver lovin' on his sister!
Then the mischievious twinkle in his eye comes...
Starting to get a little crazy...
Bouncing on sister....
Wa hoo... the big finish!!!! This was merely one capture of an event that took place over and over!
Then on some other separate, random occasion we were running errands. Oliver fell asleep. He is famous for talk, talk, talkin' one second and then two seconds later, he looks like this. Now kids fall asleep in the car all of the time. But his little death grip on his water bottle... so cute.

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  1. on January 20, 2010 at 9:17 AM

    i really don't have enough words to express how much i am so loving oliver right about now!