Well, this house is officially no longer. The bank offered us $0 so it will be back on the market shortly. We just can't afford to get into a house for that much money and repairs, so there ya have it. It's pretty sad because this is one of the only houses in our price range in Highlands Ranch (the nicest, most affordable area near Jeff's school). So, in deciding to walk away, we're deciding that Jeff will probably be driving much farther to school. We also might need to find a new preschool for Avery. Bummer.

Also, its snowing today. It's April 26 and its snowing. Its not sticking, but still, white flakes falling from the sky. Yuck.

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  1. Bob Thompson on April 27, 2008 at 11:17 AM

    It's warm and sunny here in Muncie *hint hint*. Miss you!